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Here are a few of the things we've been working on

Pitango Gelato

Square Reporting Dashboard

When Pitango Gelato started using Square they needed a way to get more detailed reporting. They were managing multiple stores in the Baltimore/Washington DC area and were looking to make business decisions based on their sales data. We built them a complete custom dashboard and reporting tool that allowed them to make strategic moves and improve their sales.


Square Inventory Integration

Square referred BAGGU to us when they were looking to integrate their inventory management with a third-party tool. We built a solution that allows this ever-growing company to effectively and efficiently manage their inventory in a way that makes the most sense for them and their customers.

Parsell Funeral Homes

Custom Excel Reporting Dashboard

With the addition of another branch location, Parsell Funeral Homes approached us about building a tool that would allow them to manage their data in a way that made the most sense for their business. By building a custom dashboard that allows for monthly and quarterly reporting, we’ve now given them the tools they can use to better serve their customers.

Godiva Chocolatier

Square Sales Data Integration

As Valentine’s Day approached, Godiva was looking for a way to improve the retail experience for their customers as they flocked to the store. By helping them integrate Square with their other sales systems we were able to make one of their busiest times of year an enjoyable one for consumers, as Godiva utilized our data integration package to offer a seamless experience for shoppers.

EAC Valuations

Custom Microsoft Excel and Word Tools

EAC Valuations works hard for their clients and a large part of what they do revolves around custom reports in Microsoft Word and Excel. We helped them by building a custom integration with automation that more than tripled their efficiency in delivering these reports for their clients.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Square Sales Data Delivery

When The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop began using Square they were looking for a way to use that data in coordination with their other sales systems. We helped by building a tool that allowed for the free flow of data between Square and their existing systems in a way that left both The Met and their visitors happy.

What our clients have to say about working with us

As a small business owner, there are so many roles I have to juggle and it’s so hard to do it all on my own! I loved being able to bring John on to help me with my digital marketing so I could effectively grow my business while freeing up time to work in other areas. The ads that John created for me helped find new leads and customers, and turned our marketing budget into 6x the revenue - with little to no effort on my part! John was invested in my business from the beginning, asking questions about my specific needs and truly caring about my clientele. He answered all of my questions and handled all of the back end of my ads management. He knows what he is doing and really helped me find clients who were right for my business! I would highly recommend working with John, especially if you are a small business owner who is looking to delegate some of your work!"
Marissa Andersen Owner, FIT4MOM Grand Rapids
"The out of the box reports from Square didn’t provide us with enough detail or the ability to customize in order to view the data points most relevant to our specific business model. Korbul provided us with a data reporting tool that gives us better, more in depth insight into our sales data without the need for manual intervention. This, in turn, has allowed us to save time and to make informed business decisions which are priceless!"
Chris Novashinski VP, Pitango Gelato
"John has been a key partner in providing Excel and data solutions for my business, and has proven to be a trusted provider with exceptional integrity and communication. He has a knack for leveraging Excel and web based tools to create intuitive automated business processes. I highly recommend John as a contractor for any data automation, Excel, or web-based job."
Ben Kouba Owner, Leaf9
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"John provided a tremendous solution to our data management problem. He made sure he understood our situation and worked diligently to create a custom tool that met our need. The database and dashboard that John created captures our critical data in an easy to use, scalable format. Thanks to John, we now have a tool to gather and report data that we use to support our business decisions."
Johnathan Parsell Parsell Funeral Homes
"Before working with Korbul, we had no real practical way to access our own data or modify the reports to meet our specific needs. With our special sensitivity for seasonality, the data reporting dashboard they created allows us to view performance with a variety of relevant factors. Korbul provided us with a tool that allowed us to interrogate the data for an in depth analysis which helped us in launching and monitoring follow up sales for a brand new product."
Noah Dan CEO, Pitango Gelato
"John created an amazing website for our company, Strong Tower Services. Visually, our website is excellent and easy for clients to navigate. John simplified my job in the company by creating an automation system which emailed clients with customized PDF’s as soon as they filled out our forms. He also created an integrated web application and several customized tools. The majority of our clients are international, so John created a language translation tool. John was extremely helpful, quick to respond, and did an outstanding job on our website. Thank you John for the great customer service."
Wendy Wargo Strong Tower Services